Human System Integration Technical Committee

The Human System Integration committee focuses on identifying and improving methods to integrate human concerns into the conceptualization and design of systems. It encourages early understanding of human roles and responsibilities, along with limitations and constraints that may impact system design. It also investigates human performance models that augment model-based system engineering processes to evaluate both system and human requirements.

The importance of this topic is apparent from notable design errors, i.e., the placement of the iPhone 4 antenna resulting in poor performance when holding the phone, to design successes, for example, the Xbox Kinect that allowed users to interact with the game system without a handheld interface. One of the goals of the committee is to improve communication between the human factors and engineering communities to provide better integration of human and systems and early resolution of issues based on human constraints and limitations.


2021 Charter



Philip Barry

Chief Technologist, Missile Defense and Aerospace Systems
United States
2 (Eastern U.S.)

Steve Doskey

Digital Engineering Steward, The Center for Advanced Aviation Systems Development
The MITRE Corporation
United States