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The IEEE Systems Council Systems Education Technical Committee provides both a resource and forum for members to discuss and exchange ideas on systems-related activities including systems thinking, systems engineering and system dynamics and how to promote and sustain these skills for both members and the larger engineering community. It is meant to be a location for members to discuss and share systems-focused educational information, practice and new thinking.  Ideally, we will be able to collect, refine and warehouse ideas and materials for members to share and use in any aspect of informing on systems thinking, education and engineering. While meant for all interested members, it will also serve as a repository for systems-focused educational techniques, including systems engineering and system dynamics.

To ensure the committee serves the needs and wants of the entire systems community we solicit ideas from potential members.  Initial recommendations for committee activities include: 

  • Establish a forum (blog/ wiki) for systems educators to share ideas and resources for teaching systems subjects. A real value is the opportunity to leverage the international nature of the systems council to share concepts
  • Establish databases to store and share systems education presentations and models
  • Organize and conduct technical sessions during IEEE Systems Council conferences on systems education topics
  • Recognize outstanding system educators from K-12 to Graduate programs by establishing an awards system
  • Establish a tutorial structure for live and virtual attendance on systems education topics