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Igniting a System Engineering Renaissance in Europe: Paolo Carbone's Impact on the IEEE Systems Council

University of Perugia

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In our ongoing mission to preserve the rich history of the IEEE Systems Council, we had the honor of interviewing Paolo Carbone, one of the past presidents of the council. Paolo's remarkable efforts to expand knowledge and promote system engineering in Europe, particularly in his home country of Italy, have made an indelible mark on the field.

As we present this video interview with Paolo, we invite our esteemed readers and viewers to join us in recognizing and appreciating his remarkable achievements. Paolo Carbone's wealth of experience and unwavering dedication make him a true role model in the field of system engineering. His passion for expanding knowledge, fostering collaboration, and preserving the history of the IEEE Systems Council has had a profound impact on the organization and the system engineering community as a whole. Inspired by his leadership and accomplishments, aspiring professionals and researchers can look to Paolo as a shining example of what can be accomplished through hard work, perseverance, and a genuine commitment to making a difference.


Organizing Conferences Amidst Challenges

Despite the formidable challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, Paolo's unwavering determination shone through as he successfully organized the conference series seven times across Europe. These conferences provided a crucial platform for professionals and researchers to exchange ideas and advance the field of system engineering, even in the face of unprecedented circumstances. Paolo's adaptability and resolute commitment to fostering growth and collaboration have left a lasting impact.


A Vision Extending Beyond Borders

This year, Paolo is taking his dedication to new heights by organizing the conference in Italy, further solidifying his commitment to the European system engineering community. His vision extends beyond national boundaries, as he seeks to collaborate with prominent academia and industry players in countries such as France and Germany. By forging strong partnerships and bridging gaps, Paolo aims to facilitate the advancement of system engineering, particularly within the aerospace industry, where the discipline is still relatively nascent.


A Transformative Journey as an IEEE Member

Paolo's journey as an IEEE member has been transformative, encompassing roles as a student, researcher, and president of numerous societies within the organization. Through his active involvement, he has experienced firsthand the life-changing opportunities and invaluable connections that the IEEE offers. Moreover, Paolo's contributions have significantly shaped the field's progress and advancement.


Appreciating Paolo's Remarkable Achievements

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Paolo Carbone for his exceptional contributions to the IEEE Systems Council and his unwavering commitment to expanding knowledge in Europe. Through his leadership, perseverance, and passion, Paolo exemplifies the spirit of the IEEE and serves as an inspiration to us all.


Written by Qusi Alqarqaz, IEEE Systems Council History Column Editor, Writer