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Andy Chen, President-Elect of IEEE Systems Council: A Vision for Collaboration and Growth


Andy Chen

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From working at Ontario Hydro to becoming the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), his expertise in diverse power generation sources and experience in various departments attracted global consulting firms. Let's delve into the highlights of his journey and his plans for the IEEE Systems Council.

Career Journey: 
The President-elect's career began with his tenure at Ontario Hydro, where he witnessed the company's commitment to embracing diverse power generation sources. With his dedication and expertise, he eventually ascended to the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). His valuable contributions were recognized by global consulting firms, who sought his guidance in the realm of power generation. This recognition further solidified his reputation as a skilled professional in the industry.

Involvement in Digital Devices and Consulting: 
The conversation touched upon the President-elect's involvement with digital devices and his consulting work for a nuclear plant project in China. This experience highlights his diverse expertise and his ability to navigate complex projects on an international scale. His contributions to the field of digital devices and nuclear power reinforce his standing as a seasoned professional in the systems engineering domain.

Expansion of IEEE Systems Council: 
The President-elect's vision for the IEEE Systems Council centers around collaboration and growth. 
They acknowledge the existing 28 chapters globally, with representation in different regions, but highlight the need for improvement in South Africa, South America, and North America (specifically Canada and the US). He also identify a significant opportunity in establishing student chapters in North America, as currently, there are none in the region.  

Collaboration and Partnerships: 
To enhance the reach and impact of the IEEE Systems Council, the President-elect aims to foster collaboration with other councils and IEEE societies, such as computer societies and AES. His envision strengthening partnerships in areas like publications, conferences, chapters, and membership. By leveraging these collaborations, the council can provide professionals with a trusted platform to exchange knowledge and collaborate on cutting-edge research and advancements.

Conference Initiatives: 
The President-elect discusses his plans to organize a conference in Shanghai. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, he express their determination to proceed, proposing a virtual conference in 2021. Their primary goal is to provide young researchers in the region with an opportunity to submit papers and showcase their talents. He emphasize the importance of a prestigious conference with top researchers and a strong representation of local attendees, especially students. The President-elect underlines the significance of the entire paper submission process, including review, rejection, and presentation, to offer participants a comprehensive experience.  

Empowering Collaborative Growth: 
The Vision of the President-elect of IEEE Systems Council The President-elect of the IEEE Systems Council brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and a deep commitment to the IEEE Systems Council. By prioritizing collaboration, partnerships, and the expansion of chapters, he aim to strengthen the impact and reach of the IEEE Systems Council. His vision for empowering young researchers through conferences underscores their commitment to fostering growth and knowledge exchange within the community. With his leadership, the IEEE Systems Council is poised for an exciting, collaborative future. The President-elect's open-mindedness, desire for feedback, and active presence on social media platforms like LinkedIn demonstrate his dedication to engaging with individuals and creating a more accessible and interactive environment. As we look forward to his tenure, we can anticipate a vibrant and inclusive era for the IEEE Systems Council under their guidance.


We extend our heartfelt thanks to Andy Chen for sharing his invaluable insights and experiences throughout this interview. His visionary leadership and dedication to advancing system engineering have left an indelible impact on the IEEE Systems Council and the field as a whole. We invite you to watch and be inspired by Andy's journey, as he continues to shape the future of system engineering worldwide.


Written by Qusi Alqarqaz, IEEE Systems Council History Column Editor, Writer