Distinguished Lecturer Program Requests

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Please complete the following form to request a Systems Council Distinguished Lecturer at your next event. If you have questions, please contact the DL Program Chair, Stephanie White.

Requesting a Speaker

The Systems Council DL program is primarily for Chapters and Sections, however is open to any IEEE entity.

To request a speaker, contact speaker first for availability and to establish a tentative date.   Speakers, their topics and contact information, may be found here.

Then, at least 6 weeks prior to the tentative date, complete and submit a speaker request form to the Systems Council DL Chair, Stephanie White, for authorization.

Note that financial reimbursements will not be provided without prior authorization.

The requestor is responsible to provide the speaker with details of presentation site, expected attendance, and other arrangements. The speaker provides the chapter with travel arrangements and presentation needs (audiovisual, helpers, materials, etc.).

During the presentation, the chapter officer should keep a record of the topic, total attendance, and notes on technical content, oral, and overall presentation.  Afterwards, the chapter should fill out the Evaluation Form, and send it to DL Chair as soon as possible, but no later than one month after the event.

A chapter may arrange up to three DL visits per calendar year. Approvals must be obtained in advance. Additional visits can be requested subject to availability of funds, with preference given to those chapters who have not requested a speaker during the program year.

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Speakers, their topics and contact information, may be found here.