Joint IEEE Systems Engineering/TEMS TC on Carbon Neutrality Technical Committee

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The mission of the Joint IEEE Systems Council/Technology and Engineering Management Society Technical Committee (TC) on Carbon Neutrality is to address the systems engineering-oriented technical challenges associated with this worldwide initiative.

Carbon neutrality refers to the perfect balance between carbon emission and carbon absorption. This can be accomplished by eliminating carbon emissions from society and carbon offsetting which absorbs more carbon than emission. Through achieving carbon neutrality, carbon dioxide output will have a net-zero impact on the environment, which requires collaborative efforts from many industries and societies worldwide such as energy production, transportation, agriculture, etc.

This TC aims to tackle the technical challenges associated with this worldwide initiative. We will bring together perspectives and approaches from academia and industry in carbon neutrality, and investigate active research, strategies, and entrepreneurship to further promote the development for achieving carbon neutrality. The goals of this joint TC include, but are not limited to,

  • Develop, promote and support research and education related to carbon neutrality;
  • Develop and evaluate strategies and methodologies related to carbon neutrality;
  • Promote systems engineering, data analytics, and artificial intelligence techniques for carbon neutrality;
  • Develop carbon neutrality related international standards and promote them to the user, industrial, and government communities;
  • Maintain liaisons with other IEEE societies and councils, through their TCs, and other international organizations working in the related areas.