Joint INCOSE/IEEE Systems Engineering and Software Interface Technical Committee

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The mission of this Technical Committee is to explore, understand and promote processes and solutions that improve the integration of systems and software engineering.  This involves, not only meeting the current needs of systems and software, but also the challenges of the emerging technologies of the 21st century. 

To promote the seamless integration between the two disciplines mandates understanding the current roadblocks that hinder this process.  This requires recognizing and underpinnings of the system from a technology and domain perspective.  This will enable the system engineer to design, develop and implement elegant designs. 

In the same vein, with the increase in the use of software intensive systems and the ability to encapsulate them in the hardware elements, it is necessary that there is a synergism between the software and hardware system designs so that there is efficacy in the system solution. 

There is a global push to incorporate compute intensive deep learning tools, which will dynamically react to environmental changes with higher levels of accuracy.  With the proliferation of systems that perform these services, the design becomes a system of systems and has the added complexity of defining what should be used, how much and when.  This is an interface dependent design aspect and this Technical Committee will bring together researchers, practitioners, and architects with disparate backgrounds and disciplines to provide guidance, and opportunities to arrive at cost effective and elegant solutions.

Our second objective is to improve Systems (SE) and Software Engineering (SWE) Bodies of Knowledge (BoK), by enhancing and introducing sections to each that address the integration of systems and software engineering.  Towards this objective, we recognize that the software body of knowledge needs to expand to incorporate the physics of the interface not only for the data interchanged but also from the need and the result of the data exchange.  Similarly, the system engineering body of knowledge will expand their repertoire of domain space engineering from the physics of engineering to add to their arsenal other engineering domains, which were previously thought to be outside the traditional system-engineering domain.