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Hyper-intelligent systems possess higher and super intelligent abilities to accomplish complex tasks with extremely high intelligence. They are similar to hyper-intelligent humans, who are the few people gifted with extraordinary intelligence capabilities. Such hyper-intelligent systems are rapidly emerging and cover a multitude of application domains including hyper-intelligent chess machines, self-driving vehicles, autonomous weapons, automatic drug discoveries, smart cities, etc. A hyper-intelligent system consists of various intelligent entities that can be physical or digital as well as local or remote. These intelligent entities are hyper-connected, hyper-composited, and hyper-collaborated to form a hyper-intelligent or super-intelligent system. These hyper-intelligent systems will completely reshape the current world and also bring about revolutionary changes in our life, working, and society.

There are already many studies and successful practices on hyper-intelligent systems. Hyper-intelligent systems will surely play a revolutionary role in the cyber-physical-social-human integrated new world.

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