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What’s next for AI-Enabled Security/Safety of Critical Infrastructures? Beyond 5G and at the Dawn of 6G.


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As we transition from 5G to the dawn of 6G, the landscape of critical infrastructure security and safety is set to undergo transformative changes. This DL explores the next frontier in AI-enabled protection for essential services, focusing on the opportunities and challenges. We will delve into how emerging AI technologies are being integrated to strengthen the security of critical infrastructures such as transportation networks, and connected vehicles against advanced cyber threats and operational failures. Key topics will include advancements in AI-driven anomaly detection, jamming detection, and real-time threat response capabilities. Additionally, we will explore the role of generative AI in enhancing security measures, enabling more intelligent and adaptive systems that can preemptively address vulnerabilities and mitigate risks. With 6G's ultra-low latency and massive connectivity, these infrastructures will benefit from improved resilience and efficiency, paving the way for smarter and more secure operations. The DL will conclude with an exploration on the role of AI in protecting our most critical systems, as we enter a transformative era in telecommunications.