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40 Years Later – Balancing between cultures with Control, Women in Control, Outreach and Humanitarian Mentorship in Diverse and Inclusive Communities


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The talk will focus on the influence and exciting aspects of control as a domain encompassing science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and more (STEM+). This interdisciplinary area offers the potential for integrating research and education, fostering engagement and collaboration across various academic levels from K-12 to senior researchers, and across a broad spectrum of fields including science, applied mathematics, all branches of engineering, finance, biomedical and actuarial sciences, networks, social implications of technology, data science, and many others. The talk will also share effective strategies implemented over the past 40 years to foster diversity, equity, and inclusivity within the control communities and beyond, drawn from the speaker's passion for humanitarian mentorship and extensive global involvement in research, education, community service, and diversity and inclusion initiatives.