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National Institute of Technology - Jamshedpur Inauguration

The newly formed SYSC Student Branch Chapter
5 months 3 weeks ago
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The Systems Council Student Branch Chapter (SBC) National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur held its inaugural event on 5 September 2023. The event was hosted by Professor Gautom Sutradhar, Professor Shivajee Chakraborty, and Dr. K. Namarata. SBC Chapter Chair, Kumari Namara would like to give their heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the Systems Council President Walt Downing and Online Distinguished Lecturer Program Chair Professor Sanjeevikumar for providing their constant support and helping make this event a success.

NIT Jamshedpur team
NIT Jamshedpu
NIT Jamshedpur
NIT Jamshedpur
NIT Jamshedpur