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Attend the Next Distinguished Lecturer Event

11 months 2 weeks ago
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Attend the next hybrid distinguished lecturer event.

PresenterEdward Addy

Location: Pittsburgh, PA and Zoom

When: Tuesday, 18 July at 10 AM ET

Title: Verification and Validation within a System of Systems


Most systems consist of more than a single element, being composed of multiple systems and system elements. During development, the system life cycle technical processes are applied recursively from the system of interest to the systems at the next level, with the recursion continuing until a system element is reached. The life cycle processes may be conducted in parallel for system elements at the same level. The full set of life cycle processes is applied to each system or system element in turn.

Verification and Validation are technical processes that provide evidence the system being examined fulfils its specified requirements and achieves its intended use. In the same way that the other technical processes are applied within a system of systems, verification and validation (V&V) is applied recursively within the system of systems for each system down to system elements.

This presentation describes the conduct of V&V on a system of systems, including recursive aspects and the interrelationships of V&V and other technical processes across life cycle phases. The discussion includes consideration of the role of V&V on the System of Interest during the development of lower level systems and system elements and a description of System Element Interaction Analysis.

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