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Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning in Safety Critical Systems Symposium

2 years 7 months ago
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IEEE Bangalore Section – Systems Council Chapter, in association with Aeronautical Society of India and INCOSE India Chapter is organizing a two-day, virtual symposium on “Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning in Safety Critical Systems”.


  • Keynote: IEEE Systems Council President, Dr. Vincenzo Piuri, is delivering the inaugural key note address.
  • Dates: 21-22 October 2021
  • Time: 4:00-8:00PM IST
  • Website:

Registration Fees

  • 500* INR for Professionals
  • 250* INR for Students
  • 25 USD  for Foreign Nationals


There is an increasing demand for safety critical engineered systems to inculcate humanlike- intelligence and autonomy through adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) models, including data-driven decision making capabilities based on machine-learning (ML) algorithms and techniques. This demand is exponentially increasing the complexity in the design, verification, and validation of such safety critical intelligent systems that are subjected to regulations and certifications.

Engineering such systems requires an assurance on the behavior and performance of the system, and may require new approaches in arriving at the system design, in ensuring that the system is ready for operations, and in engineering safe and effective human interaction with intelligent systems. Challenges include new failure modes (e.g. negative side effects, unsafe exploration), unpredictability (e.g. performance on unseen data), trust and robustness (e.g. explainable decisions and behavior).

This symposium aims to bring together experts from multiple sectors such as aerospace, automotive, industrial automation and healthcare to share their research findings and experiences on various challenges pertaining to adoption of AI-ML in safety critical systems, including implications on regulations and certification.