A Survey on Energy Internet: Architecture, Approach and Emerging Technologies

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5 January 2017

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Energy crisis and carbon emission have become two seriously concerned issues universally. As a feasible solution, Energy Internet (EI) has aroused global concern once proposed. EI is a new power generation developing a vision of evolution of smart grids into the Internet. The communication infrastructure is an essential component to the implementation of EI. A scalable and permanent communication infrastructure is crucial in both construction and operation of EI. In this paper, we present an introduction and the motivation to the evolution from smart grid to EI. We also introduce a representative EI architecture, i.e., the future renewable electric energy delivery and management system. Four critical EI features are emphasized. Then, we summarize the essential requirements that EI systems have to meet. With several key supporting technologies, EI shall realize the optimal utilization of highly scalable and distributed green energy resources, so that the situation of severe energy source crisis and carbon emission can be efficiently relieved. Since an EI system might have extensively distributed consumers and devices, the guarantee of its reliability and security is extremely significant. The further specific exploration for challenges, including reliability and security, will be stated in this paper.

University of California, Los Angeles
IEEE Region
Region 6 (Western U.S.)