A Standard for Prognostics and Health Management in the Context of Automatic Test Systems 

John W. Sheppard (Montana State University, USA) [email protected] 
David R. Carey (TEVET LLC, USA) [email protected] 
Ion Neag (Reston Software, LLC, USA) [email protected] 
Eric Gould (DSI International, USA) [email protected] 

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In 2019, the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) approved a new P2848 standards development project, titled “Standard for Prognostics and Health Management in Automatic Test Systems.” The working group seeks to develop a new standard that addresses the unique data acquired from ground-based support equipment, in particular Automatic Test Systems, to enable improved decision making in Condition Based Maintenance of electronic systems. As a core approach, the P2848 working group has been working to identify key data items defined by existing standards that would enable maintenance and support personnel achieve these goals. This paper will review the overall approach and current progress in the development of this standard and discuss its use in the context of a larger Conditional Based Maintenance (CBM) environment.