Practical Application of Model-Based Testing in Aerospace Manufacturing 

Ron Knight (Collins Aerospace, USA) [email protected] 
Nathan Gove (Collins Aerospace, USA) [email protected] 

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Even though model-based design is becoming common place, there are currently few, if any, model-based methods for auto-generating test scripts for hardware testing. In addition, there has been little progress made on the methods used to design, develop, build, deploy, and sustain automated test solutions for testing hardware – especially during the production phase of a product’s lifecycle. This lack of focus on modernizing the hardware testing processes and capabilities has begun to have significant impact on test organization’s ability to deliver on their commitments.

This paper describes a novel approach to developing a model-based framework for production testing of aerospace hardware. The project team maintains a systems approach to process transformation, while addressing multiple business concerns including organizational structure, talent retention, product lifecycle management, and test equipment lifecycle management.

Keywords—ATE, ATS, TPS, MBTE, Model-Based Testing, Automated Code Generation, Hardware Testing, Production Testing, Microservice, Instrument Wrapper, MOSA