Coupled EMC-Thermal Modeling Of Electrical Wiring Interconnection System Within Electric Aircraft

Houssem Chebbi (ONERA/DEMR, Universit´e de Toulouse, Toulouse, France) [email protected]
Michael Ridel (ONERA/DEMR, Universit´e de Toulouse, Toulouse, France) [email protected]
Philippe Reulet (ONERA/DMPE, Universit´e de Toulouse, Toulouse, France) [email protected]

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This paper proposes a novel approach for modeling the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and thermal coupling effects in cable network installations for future electric aircrafts. In high-voltage cables, where resistance is strongly influenced by temperature rise, it is necessary to simultaneously compute both the R matrix per unit length, as well as other primary electrical parameters, and the temperature distribution of the cable bundle. Our approach is based on a topological description of the electrical network and aims to unify the electromagnetic and thermal models. We exploit the mathematical similarity between the two physics to develop a single model that can determine the LGC matrices of a transmission line and calculate the resistance matrix R that depends on the heat distribution in a cable bundle due to the Joule effect. In this paper, we present an initial analysis of the temperature rise and electromagnetic coupling between conductors.