Certificateless Public Auditing Scheme for Cloud-Assisted Wireless Body Area Networks

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21 May 2015

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Wireless body area networks (WBANs) consist of many small low-power sensors, through which users could monitor the real-time parameters of patients' physiology remotely. This capability could improve medical care and the monitoring of patients. WBAN devices typically have limited computing, storage, power, and communication capabilities. These limitations restrict the applications that WBANs can support. To enhance the capabilities of WBANs, the concept of cloud-assisted WBANs has been introduced recently. By using cloud computing technologies, cloud-assisted WBANs can provide more efficient processing of patients' physiology parameters and support richer services. In cloud-assisted WBANs, the data of patients' physiology are stored in the cloud. The integrity of the data is very important because these data will be used to provide a medical diagnosis and other medical treatments. To address the issue of integrity in cloud-assisted WBANs, we propose an efficient certificateless public auditing (CLPA) scheme. A security analysis of our proposed CLPA scheme shows that it is provably secure against two types of adversaries (i.e., a type-I adversary can replace users' public keys, and a type-II adversary can access the master key) in an environment of certificateless cryptography. A detailed performance analysis demonstrates that the proposed CLPA scheme yields better performance over a previously proposed CLPA scheme.