IEEE Technology and Enginering Mangement Society Conference: Asia-Pacific

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Bengaluru, India
IEEE Region
Region 10 (Asia and Pacific)
Bengaluru, India

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The IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society Conference – Asia Pacific 2023 (TEMSCON-ASPAC-2023) is a conference focused on the challenges and practices of technology and innovation management in today’s business environments. Recently, emerging markets have become a main attraction for their rapid economic development. Dynamic growth of new ventures and start-ups in these markets has brought new business competitive landscape. Existing organizations have taken a new level of importance in driving innovation. Nevertheless, a success of managing innovation with differences in environment and organization context requires careful adaptions. As such, there is a strong urge to disclose both new theories and new patterns in management practice so that innovation management in emerging markets context can be further advanced. We invite contributions from scholars, practitioners, researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs to help advance the understanding and the state of practice related to successful technology and engineering management. Contributions may take the form of academic research or practice-focused papers. The event includes an Industry Forum where industry leaders speak on the directions and challenges they see in industry, its use of technology and how to manage it.