Don Brown

Don Brown

University of Virginia
IEEE Region
Region 2 (Eastern U.S.)

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Don Brown is the Senior Associate Dean for Research and Quantitative Foundation Distinguished Professor in Data Science and the W.S. Calcott Professor in the Department of Systems and Information Engineering. Brown is also the Founding Director of the Data Science Institute and Co-Director of the Translational Health Institute of Virginia. Recently, he was appointed as a board member of the Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Coalition for Healthcare (AI3C). Brown is one of 12 executives on the board, representing forward-thinking organizations, AI leadership, and innovation. 

Brown’s research interests include data fusion, knowledge discovery, and simulation optimization. In addition to teaching, Brown is also the President of Commonwealth Computer Research, Inc. which provides data analysis and technical services for numerous private and governmental organizations. He is a former Fellow at the National Institute of Justice Crime Mapping Research Center and former member of the Joint Directors of Laboratories Group on Data Fusion.

Brown has received numerous awards for his research, work, and teaching. He is the recipient of the Norbert Wiener Award for Outstanding Research in the areas of systems engineering, data fusion, and information analysis. He has also received an Outstanding Contribution Award from that society and the IEEE Millennium Medal. The student chapter of the International Council on Systems Engineering has named him the best undergraduate teacher three years in a row (2001, 2002, and 2003). He also co-edited the book, Operations Research and Artificial Intelligence: The Integration of Problem Solving Strategies and Intelligent Scheduling Systems. 

Brown holds a PH.D. in Engineering Systems and Environment from the University of Michigan. Brown earned his B.S. from the United States Military Academy at West Point and served in the U.S. Army. 

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