"Transforming Engineering Education to ‘Engineer the Future’" by S. K. Ramesh


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The rapid pace of technological development continues to accelerate globally, impacting all disciplines, industries, and economies. Technology is developing at such rapid speeds that laws, and policies are often left trying to catch up. Professionals working in STEM disciplines and Engineering play an important role in creating the technologies to solve the problems that confront the world today and in the future. Systems thinking, sustainable practices, and cross-cultural sensitivities are vital in an environment where engineers need to address global challenges with local impact.

IEEE’s mission of “Advancing Technology for Humanity” has never been more relevant. We have a vast array of educational programs and services that span the gamut from Pre-University Education to Continuing Education. How can we build on our tradition of excellence to increase value for our members, our profession, the public and society?

Transforming Engineering Education to ‘Engineer the Future’ addresses the following topics:

• Overview of IEEE’s Educational Programs and Services
• Perspectives on the disruptions to the future of work
• Impact of these disruptions on the fields of Engineering and STEM disciplines
• IEEE’s role in the changing educational landscape


The moderator for this event will be Adhoc Education Committee Chair Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban.