ODL 2024

SYSC ODL: "Networked Systems and Security Research in the Age of AI/Machine Learning" by Houbing Herbert Song


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Networked systems have created new opportunities with major societal implications. At the same time, security has emerged as one of the most important socio-technical challenges confronting society. AI/machine learning (ML) techniques are expected to enable networked systems and enhance security. In this talk, I will present my recent research on networked systems and security in the age of AI/ML. First, I will introduce my ML-enabled Counter Unmanned Aircraft System(s) (C-UAS) technology that detects and safely neutralizes rogue drones without destroying them or causing them to crash. This research has been featured by 100+ news media outlets. Next I will present my follow-up research on real-time ML for quickest event (threat/intrusion/vulnerability) detection. Then I will introduce my research on data-efficient ML, particularly distant domain transfer learning.