Welcome Systems Council New Member Society!

Announcement | Mon, May 1st, 2023


IEEE Systems Council welcomes Electromagnetic Compatability Society as their 19th member society. For more information about the Society, check out their website

IEEE EMC Society Mission

To foster the development and facilitate the exchange of scientific and technological knowledge in the discipline of electromagnetic environmental effects and electromagnetic compatibility, as detailed in the EMCS's field of interest (FOI), and promote literary, educational and professional aspects thereof, that benefit members, the profession and humanity.

IEEE EMC Society Vision

To be the recognized and respected global organization and leading provider of scientific and engineering information and services in the field of electromagnetic environmental effects and electromagnetic compatibility engineering, technology, and innovation for the betterment of society and the preferred professional development source for our members.

IEEE EMC Society Field of Interest Statement

The Field of Interest of the Society involves engineering related to the electromagnetic environmental effects of systems to be compatible with themselves and their intended operational environment. This includes: standards, measurement techniques and test procedures, instrumentation, equipment and systems characteristics, interference control techniques and components, education, computational analysis, and spectrum management, along with scientific, technical, industrial, professional or other activities that contribute to this field.

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