Hyper-Intelligence Technical Committee

Hyper-Intelligence (HI) refers to higher, super-intelligent abilities to accomplish complex tasks. For instance, hyper-intelligent humans are individuals gifted with extraordinary intellectual aptitudes and are capable of solving the world’s most challenging problems. Hyper-Intelligence is an inter-disciplinary field that studies hyper-connections, hyper-compositions, and hyper-collaborations of intelligent entities in various forms and functions that can be physical or digital, local or remote.

Currently, hyper-intelligent systems are rapidly emerging and cover a multitude of application domains such as artificially intelligent chess engines, self-driving vehicles, autonomous weapons, automated drug discoveries, smart cities, etc. Hyper-intelligent systems will usher in a new age of cyber-physical-social-human interactions, revolutionizing and reshaping the world as we know it.

The mission of Hyper-Intelligence Technical Committee (HITC) is to promote global research and practice of hyper-intelligent systems for a smarter world and society. It peruses an open platform for people sharing the same interest to jointly explore hyper-intelligence theories, technologies, standards and applications by setting up a series of task forces, and organizing various activities including panels, forums, workshops, conferences, journal special issues, etc.

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Committee Chair

Jianhua Ma

Hosei University
10 (Asia and Pacific)

Committee Co-Chairs

Laurence T. Yang

St. Francis Xavier University
7 (Canada)

Giancarlo Fortino

University of Calabria
8 (Africa, Europe, Middle East)

Flávia C. Delicato

Fluminense Federal University
9 (Latin America)