Systems Journal Best Paper Award


The Systems Journal Best Paper Award of the IEEE Systems Council will be given annually to the papers deemed the best among those published in the IEEE Systems Journal during the preceding calendar year.

The prize items for each best paper include a certificate presented to each author and $500 to be shared among the authors.
This award is funded by the IEEE Systems Council. The Council budget includes the amount for this award AND the Council budget is net positive with the inclusion of the award. The intent is such that any new award should not cause a budget to go negative.
The award will be given at the annual IEEE International Systems Conference.
Basis for Judging:
The established paper review criteria are used as the basis for the selection of the award.
All papers published in the IEEE Systems Journal during the preceding calendar year are eligible for the award. Eligibility and Selection process shall comply with procedures and regulation established in IEEE and Society governing documents, particularly with IEEE Policy 4.4 on Awards Limitations.


Zhou Gu, Shen Yan, Choon Ki Ahn, Dong Yue, and Xiangpeng Xie

Muhammad Saad, Jinchun Choi, DaeHun Nyang, Joongheon Kim, and Aziz Mohaisen

Sudip Misra, Sanku Kumar Roy, Arijit Roy, Mohammad S. Obaidat, and Avantika Jha

Guangjie Han, Haofei Guan, Jiawei Wu, Sammy Chan, Lei Shu, and Wenbo Zhang

Xiong Li, Jieyao Peng, Mohammad S. Obaidat, Fan Wu, Muhammad Khurram Khan, and Chao-Yang Chen

Sherin Hijazi, and Mohammad S. Obaidat

Shi Li, Choon Ki Ahn, and Zhengrong Xiang

Pushpendu Kar, Sudip Misra, and Mohammad S. Obaidat

Kun Wang, Jun Yu, Yan Yu, Yirou Qian, Deze Zeng, Song Guo, Yong Xiang, and Jinsong Wu