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Analytics and Risk Technical Commitee

Analytics and Risk will enable the growth and understanding of best practices.  There are many perspectives that we will consider here.  Risk analytics in business intelligence represents data-oriented techniques to supplement business systems for better risk-based decision making.  Risk performance analysis in manufacturing intelligence uses advanced data analytics, modeling, and simulation to produce a fundamental transformation to new product-based economics through internet-based service enterprises and demand-driven supply chains.  Risk evaluation plays key roles in emerging areas such as biomanufacturing, nanotechnology, and energy.  We see a dramatic increase in the use of predictive analytics in these and many other areas.  This technical committee will bring together scientists and engineers who have different backgrounds and disciplines, and provide a set of opportunities to discuss these open issues.

For more information, please contact the acting chair of this committee-  Desheng Dash Wu


Hard Learned Lessons: Systems Engineering Issues and Their Program Impact, Presentation by Robert P. Lyons, Jr., in Charlottesville, Virgina

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IEEE Systems Journal Special Issue on “Risk Analytics in Industrial Systems” 

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Meeting Minutes 14-August-2015

Panel Discussion; “Risk Engineering and Management” 11-December-2014

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Meeting Minutes 7-August-2014